Brent Lane

Recording and Touring Artist

Brent Plays: Sk1-73

Brent Lane is a professional musician from Cleveland, Ohio, the Rock and Roll Capital of the world!  Brent is also a professional photographer, and private pilot.  Brent uses Canon equipment for his photography work and is very proficient at Photoshop CS5.  The combination of music and photography lends itself to a very productive sales system, since Brent is able to perform in any setting or format and then record and process a finished promotional package.  Brent’s photography has been featured in many mainstream printed publications and is currently working on his solo album. In addition to Brent’s professional studio recording resume, he also is a touring musician with the Organic 3 (Locally) and Dan Reed Network (Nationally). Brent: “I try to keep it as simple as possible by using my Hammond Sk1 73 .  I love the Hammond sound.  It is soulful and pristine.  The Sk1 73 is very intuitive and easy to use.”