A Great Review of the New Leslie 2215 Amp!

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The Leslie 2215 gets a GREAT review

Everyone is used to Leslies turning and spinning, but the new LESLIE 2215 AMP is turning heads with its great sound, and many features. The folks from MUSICIANS FRIEND have recently shouted this loud and clear with a great review in their latest mailer. What is significant here, is the reviewer is a TRUMPET PLAYER, therefore giving a true view as to how a band member hears and reacts to an amp. The Keyboard player for the gig the review was based on? None other than the intrepid GARY SWAN, long-time Hammond Artist and first call cat for a bunch of R&B greats. Gary channeled his trusty Hammond Sk-1 into the 2215 and let ALL the voices loose, and the review reports…well, we’ll let you read the good news for yourself. Hit the link below to read the Musician’s Friend Review.

mf1602M_p120 Hammond HOR

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  • Stan Harrison
    Posted March 30, 2016 at 9:39 pm | Permalink

    I too sat in and played through the new Leslie amp at this same event. All I can say is it has a fat sound and has quite a bit of headroom. It easily kept up with loud guitars and horns with the volume at 3
    I didn’t get to try all the functions but looking it over it looks like it’s extremely versatile and can handle a variety of gig situations. Can’t wait to get mine.

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